Illustrate Yourself.

Your favorite selfie, reimagined as a creative headshot. Whether you need one or many, the artists at CustomHeadShots are here to help.

Curious about our process? We’ll break it down.

Our talented team of headshot artists is responsible for enhancing and illustrating your latest and greatest photos. Great for teams, families and even animals, we want to know what you’ve got in mind.



Help clients see your best self by showing off your creative side.... 

Style Choices

Our illustrators pride themselves on offering a variety of different styles to match the tone you’re looking for. Whether you’re going for flashy & extravagant or formal & distinct, we’ve got an option that fits. Check out our portfolio to see which design fits your team!

Find Your Style
  • Simple for Everyone

    Skip the hassle of coordinating a time and date with a photographer.

  • Selfie & Go

    Stay genuine without the awkward smiles by sending in a selfie or previous photo.

  • Stay consistent

    Replace your outdated headshots with a new company-wide twist.

  • Accessible

    No need to call any meetings or take up more time in your already busy day.

  • Cohesive

    With team members working remotely, group headshots aren’t always easy to manage. CustomHeadShots creates a cohesive & branded look you can be proud of.

  • Stress-free

    No more forced smiles or unhappy results. Artistic interpretation puts the choice in your hands so you get exactly what you want.

Straightforward pricing to fit your needs

+ Commercial rights
+ Committed account manager
+ High-resolution images
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee